May Update!

Sorry for the gap since April, some stuff happened. But, here we go. Remember Dave’s site,

Shoujo month is actually going pretty well! We had a great manga/real-world convo with the wonderful Internet personality ScreamingMantis regarding many great topics, and the week before Dave and I had an amazing manga debate. Truly, an opinion is meaningless without some conflict from an equally intelligent person challenging the first person. That’s what I believe.

Aside from Nana, we had a fantastic discussion regarding Cardcaptor Sakura last week, that everyone should listen to. Especially you. Yes, you, the one reading this.

As far as what we review weekly…

One Piece: The Punk Hazard arc improves greatly, and I look forward to how it turns out, as opposed to my initial doubts.

Bleach: While I still wanna see what happens, Kubo seems to be sinking again. Hopefully this is simply the result of transition. Come on Kubo, I know you can write great stories, prove my doubts wrong!

Naruto: I loved Kabuto’s flashbacks, and I love seeing how his mind snapped, first from Danzou’s bullshit, then Orochimaru’s manipulation, and I hope he can come to realize he always had what he needed, even though this is without a doubt his Swan Song.

Overall, despite some problems, I look forward to where all three stories are going. And tomorrow, continuing Shoujo month, we examine Skip Beat. Look forward to it.

Catch you later, all!

~Ben/Blinus, cohost of Dave DeGregorio’s manga podcast hosted at


Shoujo Month!

Dave and I at The Media Meldown will begin reviewing Shoujo Manga for the month of May, starting with “Nana”. Check out Dave’s site:

It’s entertaining but a bit insulting to both genders, that’s a first impression.

It’s Golden Week in Japan so none of the big three have updates, but as for where they’re going:

Naruto: Kabuto’s backstory! Finally! And I’m loving it. I’m very sad that Naruto is near the end of its run, I’m gonna miss it.

Bleach: My God, Bleach is interesting lately! I had almost lost faith!

One Piece: As good as always. I hope this new villain doesn’t take away from Law’s character arc however.